Why You’ll Go Wild for Animal Planet’s ‘Evan Goes Wild’ (VIDEO)


There are few things more glorious than a beautiful creature in its natural habitat. Especially one that’s already been voted Sexiest Veterinarian Alive — twice!

Thirst sufferers may know the Thousand Oaks, CA-based Dr. Evan Antin from his Instagram account, which so far amassed more than one million followers thanks to mix of animal-care tips, exotic shots and Henry Cavill-caliber looks. Now, the genetically advantaged graduate of Colorado State University’s veterinary school is checking off his own wildlife bucket list with Animal Planet’s new series, Evan Goes Wild.

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We recently sat down with Antin, a Kansas native (just like Clark Kent!) and clearly a good sport, to discuss which members of the animal kingdom he was most excited to meet up-close-and-personal, his taste in bears, and how he maintains those superhero arms on the road.

The 34-year-old also revealed the domesticated pet that takes the top spot in his own life. But before you gloat, cat people, notice that he lists several criteria for his choice — and even he realizes how very few felines meet them. #dogsarebetter

Evan Goes Wild, Series Premiere, Sunday, Feb. 24, 9/8c, Animal Planet