‘Evan Goes Wild’: Dr. Evan Antin Chases Wildlife to Wild Places in Animal Planet Series

Evan Gone Wild
Animal Planet

With over 1 million followers, Dr. Evan Antin is the most-followed veterinarian on Instagram. But for the dreamy doc, what’s more important than a social following is increasing people’s awareness of the diversity of nature and the need to protect animals.

Antin, who said he “grew up with Steve Irwin’s legacy,” travels the globe in his first series for Animal Planet, Evan Goes Wild. His passion for animals takes him around the world as he learns about specific ecosystems and fauna. He documents his interactions with animals and shares their stories with engaging videos and smart facts.

Courtesy of Animal Planet

Evan Goes Wild is his “dream show,” 10 years in the making. On the series, Antin experiences swimming alongside humpback whales in Tahiti, running from jealous rhinos in Kenya, and rushing to the aid of a Macaque monkey in need of help in Sri Lanka. His first season will also feature exploring caves with bats and snakes in the Philippines, tangling with crocodiles in the Yucatan, and diving with sharks in the South Pacific.

This is his opportunity to meld his veterinary medicine calling and wildlife conservation mission in a way that encourages the appreciation of all creatures, great and small.

Evan Goes Wild, Premieres, Sunday, February 24, 9/8c, Animal Planet