Jax Is Back! Ingo Rademacher Announces His ‘General Hospital’ Return (VIDEO)

jax general hospital

General Hospital fans received some exciting news this Valentine’s Day as it was revealed that actor Ingo Rademacher is returning to the ABC soap.

The series vet began on the show in 1996 as Australian Jasper “Jax” Jacks and appeared on and off through the years in over 1,000 episodes. Fans haven’t seen Rademacher’s Jax since 2017, so the news of his imminent return is certainly thrilling.

Rademacher, in the meantime, had been appearing on The Bold and the Beautiful as Thorne Forrester, as well as in a handful of Hawaii Five-0 episodes. In 2018, the actor played a small role in the first season of the Starz series, Counterpart.

The clever announcement came in the form of a video which included a sad goodbye between Rademacher’s Jax and on-again-off-again love Carly (played by Laura Wright). From there, the video then leads into Rademacher himself watching the scene back.

When Carly utters “goodbye, Jax,” Rademacher shakes his head and says, “Oh c’mon, well that can’t be the end!” He then turns his attention to the camera and says “’cause it’s not.”

“I’m coming back to General Hospital and Jax’s legacy is going to continue in a big way. See you soon,” he concludes.

The video, which can be seen below, was shared on the General Hospital Twitter account and Facebook page. “You might just want to watch this till the end :-),” Rademacher wrote alongside the video link.

So what does he mean by Jax’s legacy continuing in a “big way”? Fans will have to wait and see, but we can already imagine the drama ahead. Rademacher’s return can’t come soon enough!

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