First Look: The ‘Good Girls’ Are Back in New Season 2 Poster (PHOTO)


The Good Girls are back and they’re up to no good in new key art for the NBC show’s second season.

Retta, Christina Hendricks, and Mae Whitman return as best friends and hard-working moms Ruby and sisters Beth and Annie. We have your exclusive first look at the new season with this revealing poster.

Dealing with the consequences of their criminal behavior in Season 1 — starting with a simple grocery store hold-up that lead to involvement in gang activity and fraud — the women will continue their tailspin in the second season.

As apparent in the poster above, money, drugs, and pink ski masks all point to continued career in crime. Will these ladies reign supreme or meet their downfall?

Fans will remember that last season Beth and crew made an effort to remove themselves from the organization by attempting to bring ringleader Rio (Manny Montana) down. But in a final cliffhanger, she arrived home to find Rio sitting at her dining room table with her brutally battered husband (Matthew Lillard).

Rio ordered Beth to shoot Dean, but pulling the trigger has life-altering consequences for all involved in Season 2. Plus, after Stan (Reno Wilson) discovered wife Ruby’s extracurriculars, could it jeopardize his new job as a police officer?

And if you’re looking for a refresher or to catch up, Good Girls’ first season has been added to Netflix for your bingeing pleasure!

Good Girls, Season 2 Premiere, Sunday, March 3, 10/9c, NBC