‘Blindspot’ Sneak Peek: Could Weller Lose Jane Forever With a Risky Procedure? (VIDEO)

blindspot clip

It’s 2019 and Blindspot‘s winter premiere is finally here!

The NBC drama, which returns with the episode “Check Your Ed” on Friday, January 11, is giving fans and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) hope for rescuing Jane (Jaimie Alexander) from her current dominant ego, Remi.

In an exclusive sneak peek, Jane’s husband listens as Patterson (Ashley Johnson), Rich (Ennis Esmer) and Dr. Nancy Williams (Jennifer Van Dyck) run through the dangers of performing a medical procedure to flip Remi back to Jane. Despite the risks, if done right, the procedure could cure Jane of her current Remi personality.

“To be honest, as a scientist, this procedure scares me,” Patterson tells Weller matter-of-factly. Dr. Nancy Williams relays that Jane’s brain has formed a barrier after the introduction of zip poison to her system, effectively closing her off from control and giving Remi the reins.

Their goal? To flip control back to Jane, but Patterson warns, “Once we start this process, we can’t just pull the plug if this goes sideways. Stopping in the middle will kill her.”

Will Weller go through with it and risk losing Jane forever? Or will they proceed without issue?

Check out the clip, and don’t forget to tune in to find out!

Blindspot, Fridays, 8/7c, NBC