‘The Act’: Patricia Arquette & Joey King ‘Get at All the Emotions’ in Hulu’s True-Crime Anthology

The Act
Brownie Harris/HULU

Hulu gets in on the true-crime trend with the anthology, The Act, about seemingly ordinary types — who aren’t at all what they appear.

Patricia Arquette plays Dee Dee Blanchard, a Missouri single mom who lied that her totally healthy daughter Gypsy (Joey King) had brain damage, cancer, asthma — you name it — and scored charity from it.

“They looked like a loving mother and daughter,” says cowriter and executive producer Michelle Dean, “but they had a big secret that eventually tore them apart.”

Dee Dee even pushed Gypsy in a wheelchair. That is, until Gypsy hatched a plot to murder her mom in 2015, after years of manipulation.

And, adds Dean, Arquette and King don’t just look like the unhinged duo: “They get at all the emotions.”

The Act, Premieres Wednesday, March 20, Hulu