‘Riverdale’ Fall Finale Fallout: What’s Next on Season 3? And Is #Vereggie a Thing?

Chapter Forty-Two: The Man in Black
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 3 fall finale of Riverdale, “Outbreak.” If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you’ve been warned!]

There are few things creepier than the sounds of sirens heralding the sudden quarantining of a small town. Even the thought of Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos) possibly having a Gargoyle King costume hidden in his closet isn’t as unsettling. Especially when you realize that the local adults have opted to cordon off the area simply to keep their kids in line — the ones they have been voluntarily drugging and “hospitalizing” at a convent run by what are evil nuns.

Yeah, that is where Riverdale left us tonight, after all sorts of twists, turns and maple-covered interrogations. The River Vixens all fell prey to the seizures, Judghead (Cole Sprouse) reunited with his mom (who took care of so much business, we need her back full-time), Archie went dark (haired) to continue his escape from Hiram’s clutches, and a fandom got their wish. Oh, and the whole G&G plot exploded as a revolt took to the streets.

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Below, showrunner and executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacaca gives up some goodies about what to expect next. Buckle. Up.

Time Will Fly

Aquirre-Sacasa reveals that “we do a little bit of a time jump” over the winter break and that, when the show returns on January 16, “I believe it has been five weeks since the quarantine.” The midseason premiere, entitled “No Exit,” will reveal “a changed Riverdale” that is at once a place that is lawless and under a police state. “It seems that the evil empire has won, but we start to see what the resistance looks like and what alliances form within different groups.”

The Kids May Not Be Alright

When we last saw the teen prisoners of The Sisters of Quiet Mercy, they were wandering the streets of town, blank-eyed and hellbent on fulfilling the Gryphon Queen’s escape mission. But now what? They were locked away by their own folks, so it’s not like they can just go home again. “That is absolutely a story that we’re telling, ‘What happens to all of the Sisters of Quiet Mercy kids now that Betty (Lili Reinhart) has freed them?'” says Aguirre-Sacasa. “I can tell you Betty feels very responsible for their safety and well-being, and that’s the story that we’re telling right when we get back.”

(Cate Cameron/The CW)

And Their Parents Should Be Scared

While the sins of the parents will continue to be visited upon their kids, the showrunner warns that “the season shifts…and we are building to a big reckoning between them.” In addition, Aguirre-Sacasa admits the show will also address “the bigger question [of] why the grownups are always doing horrible things to their kids” when it returns. “That’s something we’re going to harness quite viscerally.”

“Big Moves” Are on the Way

Even though Hermione (Marisol Nichols) looked like she was basically done with all the madness, the mayor will “makes some big moves early on” in the next chunk of episodes, previews Aguirre-Sacasa. “She is not down for the count.” Alice (Madchen Amick), on the other hand, will continue to be a cult’s best friend. “This crisis is going to drive Alice deeper into The Farm’s clutches.”

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There Will Not Be a Grundy Take Two Situation

Yes, Jughead’s mom (Gina Gershon) noted how much Archie had grown and yes, Archie has a thing for older women. But no, Riverdale is not setting up another Mrs. Robinson for our boy. “Let’s not go there!” laughs Aguirre-Sacasa. “I can tell you without reservation that’s definitely not happening. That’s definitely not happening!”

(Diyah Pera/The CW)

That #Choni Development Was Delayed for a Good Reason

Late last season, the fandom for Toni (Vanessa Morgan) and Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) rose up in fury after a rumored scene involving them agreeing to shack up was cut from the finale. Turns out, that was the actresses’ call. “We shot that scene, and I think Madelaine and Vanessa talked about it,” says Aguirre-Sacasa. “[They] really it felt was just a little too fast and we didn’t want it to zip by. So we pulled it out knowing that we would get to it in this season and hopefully make it make a little bit more sense.”

#Varchie Needs More Time, Too

We all mourn the breakup of Archie (KJ Apa) and Veronica (Camila Mendes), and it sounds like we’re gonna hurt for a bit longer. “Archie still has to go through a bit of the fires before he can come back to Riverdale,” offers Aguirre-Sacasa of the Ginger God’s emotional walkabout. “He’s still paying for his sins and still figuring out what kind of man he wants to be, but his breakup with Veronica was completely circumstantial… I don’t think either of them wanted particularly to break up.” So there’s hope! “Yeah, that story is not over. Not by a long shot.”

(Cate Cameron/The CW)

And Reggie Needs to Step Off

“There’s definitely chemistry,” agrees the show’s creator of the increased time Ronnie has been spending with Reggie (Charles Melton). “Both of them are single, but like I said, the Archie-Veronica story isn’t finished yet… Reggie and Veronica may be in the future, but we’re definitely not there yet when we get back.”

Riverdale, Season 3 Returns, Wednesday, January 16, 8/7c, The CW