5 ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Questions We Want Answered in Season 2


[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina]

Netflix’s latest binge-worthy series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina continues to build a steady fan base after its October 26 debut. And with a number of questions left unanswered, it’s sure to have most of those people following it into its second season.

Unlike most Netflix shows, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has already been renewed for Season 2, guaranteeing fans something to look forward to after those Season 1 finale cliffhangers. A lot happens in “Chapter 10: The Witching Hour,” including a drastic change for the titular character.

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So what’s next for Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka), Harvey (Ross Lynch), and more? We’re breaking down the biggest questions of the season we’d like to see answered in Season 2.

Will Sabrina and Harvey work things out?

Due to the resurrection of a dead brother, secrets about Sabrina’s true nature, and her choice to ultimately sign in the Dark Lord’s book, this seemingly strong couple technically called it quits. Sabrina thought it would be best to end things for Harvey’s safety after signing over her freedom — something she’d been avoiding throughout the season.

But will this split hold? Their relationship certainly seems ill-fated, considering Harvey comes from a family descendant of witch hunters, but we feel it probably won’t be the long term for this cute couple — even if Sabrina’s changed in more ways than one.

What is Aunt Zelda going to do with Lady Blackwood’s baby?

Zelda (Miranda Otto) ended the season by taking Lady Blackwood’s (Alvina August) first-born daughter after predicting that Lord Blackwood (Richard Coyle) wouldn’t accept a girl. This move served as a surprise considering Zelda’s devout nature. What will happen now that she’s taken the child? Hopefully, Season 2 might yield some answers for Zelda’s actions.

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What’s wrong with Aunt Hilda’s boyfriend?

Aunt Hilda (Lucy Davis) began working at the quirky bookstore in downtown Greendale, and sparked something with the owner. But shortly after the two shared a kiss, the man turned around and his eyes were literally glowing. Is he a witch or some other supernatural creature? He does dress up as a vampire for work, so we can expect anything at this point.

Will Madam Satan wreak more havoc?

The season finale featured “Mary Hardwell” (Michelle Gomez) narrating the evening that Sabrina signed the Dark Lord’s book. So who was this person inhabiting Sabrina’s favorite Baxter High teacher? It was revealed to be Madam Satan, leaving us wondering what this means for the “good” witch of Greendale.

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Will Rosalind and Susie’s supernatural connection be explained?

While Sabrina may be the only witch (that we know of) in her friend group, Rosalind (Jaz Sinclair) and Susie (Lachlan Watson) also exhibited some peculiar talents and behaviors. Rosalind’s blindness stems from a thing known as the “Cunning” — a curse from witches past — and the true nature of it remains fuzzy. Also, Susie’s conversations with ancestor Dorothea Putnam (Anastasia Bandey) were never really explained. Is she hallucinating or gifted?

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