Olivia Pope’s New ‘Scandal’ Red Leather Trenchcoat ‘Should Come with a Spoiler Alert’

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Olivia Pope’s new Scandal red leather trenchcoat “should come with a spoiler alert”

“This coat, with its strong lines and bold hue, serves as a vivid statement of new intent,” says Pulitzer Prize-winning fashion critic Robin Givhan. “Featured prominently in the teasers for the upcoming season, which begins Thursday, the coat is plot point and character sketch. It should come with a spoiler alert.” She adds: “The coat is an about-face in aesthetic for (Kerry) Washington’s character, who has spent the previous five seasons dressed in a palette dominated by black and white.” PLUS: Scandal’s costume designer explains Olivia’s new look.

Jimmy Fallon’s Bernie Sanders impression might be better than Larry David’s

Fallon unleashed his “killer” Bernie impression on last night’s Tonight Show last night. PLUS: Stephen Colbert gave Sanders a challenging interview, but also let him briefly host the show.

Conan is going to South Korea

For his next international trip, Conan O’Brien will spend five days in South Korea, starting Saturday. Conan said on his show last night that the trip was inspired by one of his South Korean fans, who watches his show on YouTube.

Gilmore Girls revival adds Rory’s ex Dean and her dad

Jared Padalecki and David Sutcliffe are the latest additions to the Netflix revival. PLUS: Empire co-creator Danny Strong will be back as Doyle.

Sacha Baron Cohen shocks Jimmy Kimmel’s audience with a graphic The Brothers Grimsby clip

The clip was so graphic it wasn’t shown on TV.

Watch Will Arnett struggle with addiction on his Netflix series Flaked

The Arrested Development star plays a recovering addict who’s also a self-help guru.

Cartoon Network shows off the rebooted Powerpuff Girls

Check out a preview of the new series featuring an all-new voice cast.

Outlander unveils April premiere date and key art

Season 2 kicks off on Saturday, April 9.

Jimmy Fallon does not have an anti-male bias, judge rules

A judge on Wednesday tossed a gender-bias suit brought against Fallon in 2002 by a former Late Night worker who claimed he was fired because Fallon preferred to work with females.

Meet the full cast of the new Top Gear

Matt LeBlanc is one of six brand-new people that are part of the BBC show’s team.

See Andrew Dice Clay in Dice, his new Showtime comedy

The standup comedian plays himself in his Louie-like series premiering on April 10.

Donald Trump and Univision settle $500 million lawsuit

Details of the settlement over the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageant have not been disclosed.

NBC schedules a Jesse Owens documentary

Airing Sunday, More Than Gold: Jesse Owens and the 1936 Berlin Olympics is timed to promote the film on the legendary Olympian, titled Race.

thirtysomething killed off Gary 25 years ago — when a TV death meant something

The death of Peter Horton’s character on Feb. 12, 1991 shocked the ABC “existential yuppie drama’s” 17 million fans.

X-Men’s Shawn Ashmore joins ABC’s Conviction pilot

He’ll co-star with Marvel universe colleague Hayley Atwell on the ABC legal drama.

Limitless is doing a Bollywood dance number

Tuesday’s episodes will be accompanied by lavish Bollywood scenes.

Real Housewives of Dallas star has a porn past

Cast member Tiffany Hendra is a veteran of several adult films.

Lauren Cohan says she’ll guest on The Mindy Project

The Walking Dead star would only say of her role: “I’m about to do some Mindy Project, which is going to be really fun.”

Go behind the scenes of The Big Bang Theory’s 200th episode

The landmark episode featuring Batman’s Adam West was shot on Tuesday.