Jesse Williams Reflects on Jackson & April’s Relationship Ahead of Season 15


Jackson and April, aka “Japril,” had one the most tumultuous relationships we’ve ever seen on a TV show.

The Grey’s Anatomy doctors went through love, marriage, their child’s death, divorce, an unexpected pregnancy, and a car crash — all over the course of nine seasons.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, in celebration of the medical drama’s fifteenth season, Jesse Williams revealed he had such great chemistry on-screen with Sarah Drew because they were such tight friends in real life.

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The two-hour double-header will be jam-packed with drama for the Grey Sloan crew.

“We developed something really special on the show, which is a rare opportunity with this many cast members, going on for this long,” he admitted.

He loved that on the show “we got to go back in time and be younger but then also deal with some heavy stuff.” A moment that Williams highlighted was when Jackson met his biological father.

The reason the character was able to go through with it was because he had April by his side — “his person” — Williams said.

It was also not lost on Williams that many fans were against April and Jackson getting together. “April and Jackson are opposites in many many ways. In their belief systems and many other ways, so it was clunky,” he said.

“He was kinda a suave, experience guy in the romantic world and she was a virgin who was a bit of a spaz,” he joked.

Season 14 was Drew’s final season. Her character departed the medical drama after surviving a near-fatal car accident. She went on to quit her job at Grey Sloan Memorial to “do God’s work” instead.

Jackson has moved on as well — he’s with Maggie, played by Kelly McCreary.

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 15 Premiere, Thursday, September 27, 8/7c, ABC