A Zonk Is Born on ‘Let’s Make a Deal’! (VIDEO)

10005_ZONK EGG_Hatch1 (1)

As The Talk loses Julie Chen, another CBS daytime show welcomes a new family member!

It’s the circle of life, folks, and all shell is breaking loose this week on Let’s Make a Deal when the egg containing the game show’s newest Zonk finally cracks open.

Since Monday’s season premiere, viewers have been watching Deal‘s mystery addition grow from a farm-fresh lil’ thing to a Humpty Dumpty-sized delivery. And while contestants had no idea they were picking an unborn Zonk as a potential prize, host Wayne Brady certainly had fun filling them in on their oval-shaped misfortune.

But this Friday, the wait is over. What or who is inside the egg? Well, for those of you looking to send a gift, we’ve got your first peek at the new Zonk mascot. From the looks of his high-jumping debut, the fella is still finding his footing.

Don’t click on the exclusive video below unless you want to be spoiled!

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