‘Let’s Make a Deal’ Hatches a New Mascot (VIDEO)

10001_ZONK EGG

It’s an egg-citing time for Let’s Make a Deal!

The game show is kicking off its premiere week on Monday, September 17, with some major news about their beloved Zonks.

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Let's Make a Deal: The Art of Making a Zonk (PHOTOS)

The CBS daytime hit invited TV Guide Magazine to help design one of the popular game show’s wacky prizes (spoiler alert: It’s not a donkey)

As LMAD fans know, Zonks are those worthless prizes like hamburger shoes or astroturf-covered cars, and if contestants pick the curtain they’re hiding behind, well, SOL. Of course, they’re also half the fun of watching someone push their luck and, over the years, host Wayne Brady and company have rubbed elbows with an array of Zonked-out mascots, including Zonk Gorilla and the Zonkey. But we’ve never really known where these costumed buzzkills come from…until now.

On Monday’s show, viewers will learn that a new bundle of “Oy!” is due any day now when unfortunate audience member Elaine makes an ill-fated choice that is, as Brady says, “a good thing for the show” — if not so much for her chance of leaving the studio with cash in hand.

Check out the birth announcement below!

As the week progresses, that egg will keep getting bigger until a surprise reveal that will hopefully be all it’s cracked up to be.

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