‘Walking Dead’ Baddie Xander Berkeley Brings Daddy Issues to ‘Supergirl’ Season 4

Gene Page/AMC
Xander Berkeley in 'The Walking Dead'

We already know that the anti-alien sentiment heading to Supergirl this season will be led by Sam Witwer’s Ben Lockwood, aka Agent Liberty. But who formed the mind of this humans-first hate-monger? Looks like the apple may not have fallen too far from bigo-tree (get it?).

TV Insider has learned exclusively that Xander Berkeley, who currently stars as Hilltop jerk Gregory on The Walking Dead, has been tapped to play Ben’s father, Peter Lockwood.

Peter is said to be “a middle-class factory owner struggling to make ends meet in a world that’s rapidly changing due to the rise of aliens from outer space living amongst us,” per the casting news. The release goes on to explain that he’s “proud and single-minded, a family man who’s dedicated his life providing for people. The seeds of his discontent sows the beginning of an anti-alien wave.”

Sam Witwer is Ben Lockwood aka Agent Liberty (Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

Obviously, the Lockwoods are no fans of the show’s DEO, but Berkeley has experience dealing with covert organizations: He has previously played CTU head George Mason on 24 and Percy, the shady agent who created Division on Nikita. In addition, his Sheriff McAllister on The Mentalist was revealed to be serial killer Red John.

And while the way Berkeley’s Supergirl character impacts his son’s worldview is still uncertain, Witwer’s Agent Liberty narration of the Season 4 trailer hints at these guys being two peas in a very biased pod.

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