‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 7: Things Get Physical (RECAP)

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[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from Season 5, Episode 7 of Bachelor in Paradise.]

Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was a doozy. Almost every single couple had a massive argument and the drama seems to just be getting started, considering the cliffhanger that ABC left us on.

But this is BiP, and this is what we watch for, yet we’re actually starting to worry that this season could end up with zero engagements.

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Find out who making out and breaking up on the latest episode.

Here’s what you missed on Bachelor in Paradise:

Confrontation Part II

After finding out that Leo kissed Chelsea, Kendall immediately told him off for it.

And when the argument was heating up, Grocery Joe swooped in to save the day and whisked Kendall away for a walk. Kendall, how have you not already realized that he’s an actual prince?!

After this debacle, she’s at least one step closer to realizing out that he’s the one for her, because their walk on the beach seemed to solidify things.

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The next season begins production in September.

Fingers crossed no one else shows up to split them apart!

Eric & Angela

We haven’t seen much from these two but this date which was seriously jealousy inducing — especially when they ended up in a luxurious hotel room that included a bathtub full of chilled champagne bottles and an actual golden toilet.

Once again, they started talking about cheese (this is a theme on this show, clearly) and had an amazing date.

Wait, is this an actual happy couple we’re witnessing right now?

A Throwdown

Remember how we thought Kendall finally realized she should be with Joe? Yeah, not so much, because she ended up making out with John, AKA the Venmo King.

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Do villains still gotta vil after the cameras stop rolling?

Poor Joe is just standing back and watching it happen. But all the confusion did end up paying off when Kendall admitted that she’s falling for him yet still having a lot of confusing feelings.

Then, at the cocktail party, things got physical, and Joe and Leo ended up fighting. Who won? Joe, of course, because he is the best.

Once again, the grocery store owner came out on top and Leo ended up leaving. Is anyone surprised?

The Rose Ceremony

This time around, it was the ladies’ turn to hand out the roses, which meant three guys were going home.

Chelsea was the last person to give out her rose, and she ended up giving it to John (good choice!). That meant that Benoit, Connor, and David had to say their goodbyes.

Olivia Arrives

Olivia — AKA the womanwho was eliminated the first night of Arie’s season of The Bachelor — landed in paradise and wasted no time getting acclimated.

She used her first date card on John, which was a solid choice, and it went really well.

The connection was strong and every time the camera showed Chelsea, she looked pretty much looked heartbroken. Poor thing!

Another Addition

Remember Cassandra Ferguson, from Juan Pablo’s season? Yeah, she’s here now too and instantly got a lot of the guys’ attention.

The first bachelor she pulled aside to chat with was Colton, and thankfully, he told her right away that he was coupled up. Nobody wants to deal with Tia’s wrath again.

The she asked Eric out and despite the fact that he’s been pretty steady with Angela, he said yes. This decision totally threw Angela for a loop, because Eric told her that he was there for her and no one else.

And can we talk about how Eric’s messed up reasoning? He felt different about things when he woke up that morning? Oh, geez.

Now that everyone is insecure about their relationships, where does this leave us for next week?

We can’t wait to find out — especially since the promo for Monday’s ep promises all the drama.

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