What’s Streaming on Hulu? ‘The First’ Premiere, ‘I Love You, America,’ & ‘UnReal’

The First
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The First
Series Premiere, Friday, Sept. 14

Sean Penn reaches for the stars on his TV series debut, aptly titled The First. In this ambitious drama about the maiden manned voyage to Mars, the two-time Oscar winner plays Tom Hagerty, a distinguished astronaut recently fired from the project, which is headed up by obsessive entrepreneur Laz Ingram (Designated Survivor’s Natascha McElhone) under a contract with NASA.

As the series opens, the launch is continuing without its star crew member, and we’re plunged into the tense final moments of preparation at the New Orleans–area site. The astronauts do one last systems check, strap themselves in and count down — three…two…one — to blast off for the two-and-a-half-year mission to our neighboring planet. The atmosphere is filled with exhilaration, pride of accomplishment, great anticipation and, as always, a keen awareness of the life-and-death risks that lie ahead. “There’s something relentless in the human spirit about venturing toward the horizon, whether that’s reaching another planet, crossing an ocean or climbing a mountain,” says executive producer Beau Willimon (House of Cards). “The First is about that need and that journey expressed through our characters.”

Like Space X’s Elon Musk, Ingram is CEO of a company called Vista and a visionary “who has great passion to achieve her goal,” says Willimon. “I wanted to shake up the status quo of male entrepreneurs that has dominated the space industry and invent someone wholly our own.”

The result is a smart, complicated woman who lacks outward warmth. “Laz has her position because of her intelligence and ideas, not because of any relation with a man,” McElhone confirms, adding that she found The First “deeply seductive” because “no character is all bad or all good. They have incredible ambitions and are uncompromising in what they want to achieve. In Laz’s case, she is willing to do whatever it takes, and that may make her unpopular.” Particularly because she’s an engineer whose laser focus is on technical problem solving—not interacting with other people.

To give her project added validity and a friendly face, she leaned on the much beloved Commander Hagerty. “Tom is one of those people who was put on this planet for a specific purpose, and his purpose is to get farther from Earth than any human being has ever before,” Willimon says. Though he’d been bounced from the program following an ill-advised decision, Ingram needs him to help handle the aftermath of an unexpected event that threatens Vista’s future.

Getting him back on board won’t be easy. Hagerty’s estranged daughter (Anna Jacoby-Heron), a drug addict, reenters his life, pledging a new start. “That is something he’ll have to juggle,” Willimon adds. “What are Tom’s obligations to his life on Earth versus his obligations to fulfill his destiny? That’s a profound struggle.”

Hulu Reveals First Look at Sean Penn's New Series 'The First' (PHOTOS)See Also

Hulu Reveals First Look at Sean Penn's New Series 'The First' (PHOTOS)

This will be the Oscar winner's first series regular role.

The second star astronaut in Vista’s universe is experienced commander Kayla Price (LisaGay Hamilton, House of Cards). “Even in 2030, it’s a rarity for a woman of color who’s married to another woman to reach such heights,” says Hamilton. Price has been training astronauts, but there is still a looming question for her: Where will she fit if and when Hagerty decides
to return?

At its heart, The First is a 180-degree turn from Willimon’s last hit, House of Cards, Netflix’s cynical political thriller about the backstabbing Underwoods. “I’m interested in telling a story where you see the fullness of human potential beyond reasons that seem self-serving,” he says. “These people are trying to do something extraordinary.”-Ileane Rudolph

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