Debby Ryan Sounds Off on the ‘Insatiable’ Season Finale: ‘I Didn’t See It Coming’ (VIDEO)

Spoiler Alert

[SPOILER ALERT: This interview features spoilers from Season 1 finale of Insatiable.]

As the protagonist of Insatiable, Patty (Debby Ryan) gets into some trouble as the first season progresses. But no one, including the series star, could have predicted the character’s final act in the Netflix dark comedy.

In the finale, Patty — in a fit on rage — kills her older boyfriend Christian (James Lastovic) after he roofied, kidnapped, and hid Magnolia (Erinn Westbrook) in the trunk of his car. Luckily, Patty sets her free.

And it was a particularly violent demise — one in which she crowbarred him to death while yelling “I’m a good person!” After the deed was done, she called pageant coach Bob (Dallas Roberts) to help her cover up her crime.

Ryan spoke to TV Insider about the show’s tragic and brutal ending, and if Patty will get away with all these crimes she committed.

Check out the interview below:

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