‘100 Code’: Get a Sneak Peek at the Thrilling Finale of the WGN America Series (VIDEO)

WGN America

As WGN America brings the acclaimed Swedish crime drama 100 Code to a two-hour conclusion on Tuesday, Detectives Conley (Dominic Monaghan) and Eklund (the late Michael Nyqvist) uncover the mysterious identity of L.H. when they embark on a deadly hunt to try and capture him once and for all. When they ultimately come face to face with the criminal mastermind, the detectives find out just how dangerous L.H. can be.

This marks the series finale of the drama, which originally aired in Sweden in 2015. Another season was not made, and — especially given Nyqvist’s passing last year — it seems unlikely right now that a new season (or a reboot) will be made in Sweden, at least.

Whether the show was successful enough for WGN America itself to want to bring it back in some form (perhaps with two new actors, a la True Detective?) will remain to be seen.

The final episode is called “Everytime You Think You’re Winning.” Check out an exclusive preview below:

100 Code, Two-Hour Finale, Tuesday, July 31, 12a/11c CT, WGN America