‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 10: Men Tell All (RECAP)

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[SPOILER ALERT: This recap features spoilers from the Season 14, Episode 10 of The Bachelorette.]

Now that we’re just two weeks away from Becca Kufrin’s love story coming to an end on the season finale of The Bachelorette finale, it’s time for the tradition that happens every season: Men Tell All.

On this special episode, the men who caused all of the drama this season (Jordan and Chris, we’re looking at you) are back on the couch to tell us how they really felt about Becca and their fellow contestants.

So who’s ready for some major truth bombs?

Not only will Becca’s suitors finally get some closure about their relationships with her, but we’ll also get a few more details on things that went down in the Bach mansion this season — including a little more insight into the situation with Colton and Tia.

Here’s what you missed on Men Tell All:

Coming Out Swinging

The men didn’t hold back their emotions, especially once Chris Harrison got down to business.

When he asked Jean Luc why he told Becca that he loved her if he didn’t really mean it, Colton (and the other guys) interrupted him every time he opened his mouth.

According to Jean Blanc, he did have feelings for her, but things were just moving too fast.

And of course, at the very first opportunity, Jordan brought up Colton’s feelings for Tia. But Colton insisted that their brief relationship wasn’t his question to answer, it was Tia’s… interesting.

David also took a shot at Jordan — and Jordan took his shots right back, too — pointing out that he wasn’t taking the process seriously.

Umm, this is The Bachelorette, right? We all come here to watch contestants like Jordan, don’t we?

Speaking of Jordan…

You know, he’s a male model right???

Jordan’s time in the hot seat with Chris definitely wasn’t a disappointment.

Not only did he point out that the other guys should’ve realized that his persona is mostly in jest, but he also revealed that he loves Grocery Store Joe — same, honestly.

Oh, and then there was the part that he stripped down to reveal he was wearing his famous golden underwear.

Typical Jordan, we’ll see you in Paradise.

A Triumphant Return

Even though Joe was eliminated on night one, he has become a Bachelor Nation phenomenon, so of course he got his own segment on Men Tell All.

And yes, he’s just as handsome and charming as we remember.

Chris made him sit through the reading of several complimentary tweets about himself, which was equally awkward and adorable.

It’s a good thing Joe’s coming back for Bachelor in Paradise, because the crowd went wild for him. #JoeForBachelor.

Virgin Territory

During Chris’s talk with Colton, Tia was (of course) brought up — but the pro footballer is sticking to his story.

According to Colton, he was truly in love with Becca and no longer had feelings for Tia at that time. Who knows if that’s actually the truth, but he hasn’t deviated from this version all season long.

He also teared up talking about the hate he’s gotten from other guys about being open about his virginity, which tugged on our heart strings. Poor Colton!

At least Jordan was there to back him up (for once).

Up Next: Jason

Jason got very emotional reflecting on his journey with Becca.

He also took the opportunity to point out that “love is love” in regards to gay marriage and equal right for all.

Plus, he might have also been throwing some indirect shade towards Garrett and his bigoted Instagram likes… Jason for the win.

He also opened up about how blindsided he was by Becca sending him home early on their fantasy suite date. He felt he hadn’t seen so much as a bump in the road in their relationship.

And then, it was time for him to talk to Becca. Basically, it was a love fest — they agreed that they want to be friends (in the future), and ended things with a really sweet hug and tons of compliments. Aww, you guys!


At the end of the special, Chris brought in a gospel choir to sing about what a jerk he was on the show, which was definitely warranted after his behavior this summer.


They’re hilarious so can we please get them earlier in the episode — or more of them scattered throughout?

Next Week

The finale is finally here!

Will Becca is in the Maldives with both Blake or Garrett, but who will she choose?

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