‘The Bachelorette’: Was Blake’s School-Shooting Story Too Much for TV? (POLL)

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On Monday night’s Bachelorette episode, Becca Kufrin visited the hometown of her final four men.

Everything pretty much went according to plan, except a moment when the reality TV dating series turned introspective and confronted a tragedy that’s all too familiar in today’s society.

While Becca was with Blake Horstmann in his hometown of Bailey, CO, Blake opened up about an experience that impacted him while growing up in a major way. While Blake was a senior at Platte Canyon High School — his sister was a freshman — there was campus shooting.

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The next season begins production in September.

He explained how his mother’s voice (she worked at the school) came over the loudspeaker and called for a “code white,” which meant crisis on campus. He and other students weren’t aware it was a shooter but stayed in their classroom and boarded up the exits with desks and chairs.

When the SWAT team arrived, the students had to slide their badges under the door to identify themselves, and were then walked out of the school.

The shooting took place in 2006, and the gunman was 53-year-old Duane Morrison. According to CBS News, he took six girls as hostages, sexually assaulted some, and killed one — 16-year-old Emily Keyes — before turning the gun on himself.

The story Blake told on-camera was a watered-downed version of the actual events, but that didn’t stop #BachelorNation from giving him a great big bear hug via Twitter:

Others brought up the fact that his competitor, Garrett, admitted to liking posts that mocked survivors of the Parkland school shooting:

How did you feel about Blake’s story? Take our poll below:

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