New Defendant on ‘Trial & Error,’ A Lost ‘Doctor Who’ Episode, FX’s ‘Snowfall’ Returns

Trial & Error: Lady, Killer - Season 2
Sergei Bachlakov/Warner Bros/NBC

A critical checklist of notable Thursday TV:

Trial & Error: Lady, Killer (9/8c, NBC): Once again, disorder in the court is business as usual in the second season of this merrily wacky mockumentary true-crime/legal spoof. The inept legal team, still led by mensch-out-of-water Josh Segal (Nicholas D’Agosto), takes the new case of Lavinia Peck-Foster (the divine Kristin Chenoweth), “first lady” of East Peck, South Carolina, accused of murdering her wealthy husband. All signs point to guilt, but the adoring town is on the rich heiress’s side, so much so that the whispery judge even posts her $10 bail! Slapstick antics and cliffhanger twists abound in this summer treat.

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Doctor Who: The Lost Episode (8/7c, BBC America): Tom Baker is back as the Fourth Doctor in “Shada,” a never broadcast, and thus legendary, story by Douglas Adams. With hand-drawn animation, remastered footage and newly recorded voices of the original cast (including Lalla Ward Romana), this imaginative restoration will be a must-see for Doctor completists.

Snowfall (10/9c, FX): This sluggish drama, about the rise of crack cocaine in the 1980s, returns for a second season, with street entrepreneur Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) on a high of success as the addictive and affordable rock begins to catch on in his neighborhood. But his newfound notoriety will soon put him on the radar of undercover CIA agent Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson), seeking a new source of drug revenue to fund his covert operation to support Nicaraguan rebels, as well as drug-runners Lucia (Emily Rios) and Zapata (Sergio Peris-Menchata), who see a lucrative future in this powerful drug.

Inside Thursday TV: Logo premieres a new documentary, Light in the Water (8/7c), profiling a group of trailblazing gay men and women whose dedication to competitive swimming at the first Gay Games in 1982 helped combat homophobia in sports… Streaming on the Urban Movie Channel: Bronx SIU, a new procedural following the cases of the Bronx Special Investigations Unit. The cast includes Brian White, Miguel Z. Nunez Jr. and Denise Boutte… In Season 7 of History’s Mountain Men (9/8c), North Carolina survivalist Eustace Conway faces his first solo winter in the Appalachians after the death of best friend and business partner Preston Roberts… BET’s competition series The Grand Hustle (10/9c) is an Apprentice-like search set in Atlanta, with rapper/mogul Clifford “T.I.” Harris overseeing 16 entrepreneurs as they jockey to be crowned the next big hustler. Which is meant as a compliment.