‘Young & Hungry’ Season 3: Will Gabi and Josh Finally Get Together? (Plus, Rachael Ray’s Guest Role)


Young & Hungry Season 3 kicks off on Wednesday with the best news ever: Gabi (Emily Osment) and Josh (Jonathan Sadowski) have finally sorted out their feelings for each other (we hope!). However, first, we’ll get to see the aftermath of Elliot (Rex Lee) and Alan’s (Bryan Safi) wedding as Gabi and Jake (Jayson Blair) drive towards Coachella—and it is not pretty.

We spoke with creator David Holden to get all the scoop on #Gosh (or is it #Jabi?), plus info about an upcoming cameo from Rachael Ray. (Warning: Mild spoilers ahead.)

So what’s going on this season?
Season 3 is really about the difficulties of Gabi and Josh finally coming together. It explores when a relationship is meant to be; it still has hurdles to get over to see if their relationship can last.

Is it safe to say that we’re finally going to see Gabi “pick” Josh after all?
I think it is absolutely safe to say that! In fact, it’s going to happen pretty quickly. In the first two episodes back, they drive off with the food truck, and the next episode is about them in Coachella. The big thing that Josh faced was, when you do something magnanimous, like get Gabi and Jake that food truck, secretly he was hoping that she would jump off it and run back into his arms. This first two episodes explore what Josh really wants, and it becomes a race against the clock to Coachella.

How was it shooting in the desert?
It absolutely was not easy. We were there for a week. It was a real triumph over nature. We had a professional snake wrangler on the set at all times because we were really in the middle of nowhere. One day she was sick and couldn’t show up and we were like, ‘Oh, no.’ But it was fun! We’re really trying to push the envelope this season.

Does Jake stick around despite losing Gabi to his brother?
You know, Jake has been in a lot of the episodes. There’s a big twist that happens early on in Episode 2 with Jake, but Jake is in their world, for at least the first half of the season.

How are Alan and Elliot post-wedding?
They are the perfect little married couple. They went on their honeymoon, were there for 12 hours, and then they turned around and came back—just long enough for Elliot to get cornrows in his hair. It’s their first marital problem: Alan doesn’t know how to tell Elliot that he hates his hair.

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What’s going on with Sofia (Aimee Carrero) this season?
She starts a new romance and then her and Gabi go into business after that, their joint venture.

You also just announced an exciting upcoming episode where Gabi and Sofia are invited onto the Rachael Ray Show. Why do they get asked on?
As you know, there is the food truck, and Gabi and Sofia have a business idea to make the truck even more successful. Rachael Ray finds out about their idea and asks them to come on, to disastrous results. We’re actually going to New York for this one, to shoot on the Rachael Ray stage.

In the Rachael Ray episode, we also learn some crazy Josh news. Is there anything you can tease about that?
In the process of Josh getting together with Gabi, he realizes that he needs some therapy. So, he starts going to a therapist that has him do this exercise where he has to make amends with people from his past. And in a disastrous amends-making gone wrong [moment], Gabi finds out what that is while she’s on the Rachael Ray Show.

Does this mean we may get to see Mallory Jansen back as ex-girlfriend Caroline?
You know, I would love to bring Mallory back. Now that we get to meet Josh’s mom, we see why he may have liked Caroline so much. Unfortunately, her schedule was not available for Season 3 [due to Galavant], but she is talked about!

We finally get to meet Gabi’s dad and Josh’s mom this season in Episode 4. Anything you can tell us about that?
We have some fantastic special guests for the parents. We have two really well-known actors playing them. Basically, the storyline is that Josh’s mom comes for a surprise visit, finds out that he is dating his chef and wants him to break up with her. Gabi, in an effort to prove she’s not a gold digger, makes a very fancy dinner for the mother and for Josh to prove that she has good intentions, but in order for her to pay for that meal, she had to call her dad and borrow the money. And in so doing, the father heard that the mother thinks that Gabi’s a gold digger and unexpectedly shows up.

Were you always planning on uniting Gabi and Josh in Season 3?
This season is about giving our fans what they’ve always wanted, which is Josh and Gabi, and exploring a what new relationship is like. We have a lot of young fans who are starting their first relationships and you know often TV makes it look like it’s so easy, and it should be easy, but the part where you learn to communicate and talk to each other shouldn’t be intimidating; it’s part of the fun. I think when we ended on Season 2, we started breaking Season 3 as if they weren’t going to be together, but it just felt more interesting for them to try to be together. Ross and Rachel got together in Season 3 and that’s what we’re kind of mimicking.

Young & Hungry, Season premiere, Wednesday, Feb. 3, 8/7c, Freeform