'Code Black' EP Michael Seitzman Teases an 'Emotional' Series Finale

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Lives hang in the balance on every episode of Code Black. But it’s Angels Memorial Hospital itself that’s in danger when a plane crashes into the eighth floor on the medical drama’s series finale.

"What happens when this place that’s so beloved to the staff is in jeopardy?" asks executive producer Michael Seitzman. "It’s emotional."

'Code Black': Is There More Life for the Canceled CBS Drama?

'Code Black': Is There More Life for the Canceled CBS Drama?

Should CBS change its mind due to its strong showing this summer? (YES!)

It’s far from the only sob-inducing storyline. No-nonsense doctor Leanne (Marcia Gay Harden) fights to keep custody of her adopted teen, Ariel (Emily Alyn Lind), while military physician Ethan (Rob Lowe) tries to save new love Rox (Moon Bloodgood), who’s been seriously injured.

Could such juicy plot points and strong ratings this summer (its June 20 episode snagged 5.7 million viewers and ranked No. 1 for the night) save the canceled series?

Seitzman, for one, is ready to keep going if Code Black gets a reprieve. "I do have another idea for Season 4," he teases. Do you hear that, CBS?

Code Black, Series Finale, Wednesday, July 18, 10/9c, CBS

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