‘Lucifer’ Star, ‘The Magicians’ Team & More Step Up to Keep Families Together

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It’s been a bad week for news from the border, and as more information comes out — and more marches are planned for June 3o across the country — a wave of Hollywood types are putting their money where their dropped jaws are.

Late last night, Lucifer star Lesley-Ann Brandt hatched Care Like a Demon, a GoFundMe campaign aimed directly at raising money for Together Rising, an organization that provides advocates and legal representation for children being kept in detention shelters.

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In exchange, one lucky do-gooder will score a set of her character’s trademark weapons.

In less than a day, Lucifans have kicked in almost half of Brandt’s $50,000 goal.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Santa Clarita Diet also threw her support behind Together Rising with a heartfelt post on Instagram about the the need for humanity over party. “Let’s allow our empathy to bloom here, shed our politics and look at each other as people,” she wrote, directing followers to the link in her bio to the non-profit’s donation page.

When my son was two it was hard enough to let go of him from the top of the slide to the bottom. I can not imagine him being forcibly taken from me- because I’m fleeing from danger to keep him safe in a place where I don’t understand the language, culture, or rules. Let’s allow our empathy to bloom here, shed our politics, and look at each other as people. Children should be with their families. You can donate any amount in the link in my bio to help support legal fees for these children in need. Their page gives specific details about where our donations are going. Yes, there are many causes out there and it seems there’s so much attention on this one that it doesn’t need you, but really, nothing counts in your life more than your own voice. ❤️ #keepfamiliestogether #everychildmatters #love #loveoverfear #empathy #bethechange #FamiliesBelongTogether

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And at the same time, The Magicians producer Sera Gamble tweeted out that she and her fellow EPs John McNamara and Michael London would be matching any donations up to $50000 to Public Counsel, a group working to provide safety to immigrant families seeking asylum in America.

John McNamara, Sera Gamble

John McNamara, Sera GambleIn addition, Gamble rewarded donors with their own magical discipline from the Syfy hit’s enchanted Brakebills University if they tweeted her a shot of their contribution receipt.

Leave it to a demon, a waitress and a hedge witch to get the job done, right?