‘Scorpion’ Shippers Rejoice! Eddie Kaye Thomas and Jadyn Wong on What’s Next for Quintis

Ron P. Jaffe/CBS
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Scorpion geniuses Toby Curtis (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong) have finally cracked the code to each other’s hearts. The behavioral psychologist and mechanical engineer have spent the last season and a half flirting and even sharing a few kisses, but tonight they finally take their romance to the next level. Thomas and Wong discuss the future of Quintis.

What were your reactions when you learned Toby and Happy would get together?
Thomas: I don’t think we were dragging it out. These two people weren’t emotionally ready to be in a relationship, but they’re growing up.
Wong: I just wonder how the audience is going to react.

What have you heard from fans?
Wong: Eddie says that there’s fan fiction. I didn’t really know what that was! [Laughs]
Thomas: The fan fiction is amazing. It makes me want to step my game up if the fans are being that creative and thoughtful about these people.
Wong: And if it doesn’t go their way, it’s interesting how angry they can get.

Does the relationship change the characters at all?
Wong: Change is inevitable. Happy’s getting out of her comfort zone. But throughout the danger and circumstances that we’re put in, Toby has proven again and again to Happy that she can trust him and that he loves her.
Thomas: It’s similar to sending Sylvester [Ari Stidham] to prison—let’s put these characters in an uncomfortable place and see what happens. Toby has wanted this since he first saw Happy, but he has no idea how to maneuver the situation.

How will this affect the dynamics within the team when they find out?
Thomas: Sly is pretty excited about it. Walter [Elyes Gabel] is not so comfortable about two of his employees in a romantic relationship, and it also holds up a mirror to the Walter and Paige [Katharine McPhee] situation. It puts some pressure on them.

Will this relationship last?
Thomas: There are going to be lots of bumps in the road. These characters are so horrible in any type of relationship. I’m excited to see how the hell they’re going to deal with a romantic one.

Scorpion, Monday, Feb. 8, 9/8c, CBS