Jenna Fischer’s ‘Splitting Up Together’ Blog: Working Again With Longtime Pal Fred Armisen

Splitting Up Together - Fred Armisen, Jenna Fischer, Oliver Hudson
Jenna Fischer

[This is the weekly post-mortem column for ABC’s new comedy, Splitting Up Together, courtesy of star Jenna Fischer, who plays Lena.  Watch a new episode every Tuesday and then come to TV Insider to read Jenna’s behind-the-scenes insights in her own words! Spoiler Alert: Read ahead only after watching this week’s episode, “Letting Ghost.”]

Do you ever wish you could bring your friends to work with you? Well, this week my wish came true! Fred Armisen plays Mae’s school counselor who confronts Martin (Oliver Hudson) and Lena about their divorce being confusing for Mae (Olivia Keville) because it’s “too friendly.” He encourages us to set some new boundaries.

Fred and I go way back! We met while shooting the movie The Promotion in 2006 and became fast friends. When I fractured my back in four places a year later, he came over and took walks with me as part of my recovery. He was at my wedding to my husband, Lee Kirk, and later starred in a movie that Lee directed.

Oh! We even did a music video together for The Old 97s. He’s a great friend but he’s also amazingly funny and talented. When he agreed to come on the show I was SO EXCITED! It’s my personal goal to get him back for more!

Jenna Fischer and Fred Armisen

Speaking of guest stars … Wes (Trent Garrett) is back! Our scene together was so heartbreaking. I have to say … I really like the energy between Wes and Lena. I kind of want them to reunite. You? I mean, Martin is happily dating Lisa Apple (Monica Barbaro). What do you think? Should Lena and Wes get back together? And, I personally love Martin and Lisa Apple.

But what I love most is Martin and Lena singing together! If you can believe it, they brought in a voice coach to help us figure out how to break down the song. I practiced forever just for that little bit of us singing. Speaking of singing … how about Olivia and her amazing singing voice! I think this may be a sign we need a musical episode. Who’s with me?!

Random fun fact: The Pomeranian that plays Camille’s pet dog on the show was also in a Rhianna video.

Fischer with a special guest star.

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