‘Project Runway’ Star Chris March Has Suffered a ‘Debilitating Accident’

Chris March competing in Project Runway All Stars.

It appears that Chris March—a contestant in both Project Runway and Project Runway All Stars—is dealing with some serious health issues.

The designer and former reality show contestant, known for his fashionable garments, reportedly suffered horrific injuries following an undisclosed accident last summer.

March captured the attention of fans in both series during their fourth seasons, and those viewers are likely to be upset by learning that immobility is one of the struggles that he is facing following the incident.

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More details about the his tragic passing.

According to a GoFundMe campaign that’s been created on his behalf, March’s accident left him in a medically-induced coma. While he’s on the mend, he continues to struggle nearly a year later.

The statement begins, “Our beloved Teddy Bear from Project Runway, Chris March, has had a rough 9 months. Back in June of last year, he suffered a debilitating accident and had to be placed in a medically induced coma where he stayed for many weeks. Thanks to the miracle of modern science he has pulled through, but is still in a very fragile state.”

No doubt, the reality star is determined to get better, but it appears that March’s health care costs are more than he can handle at this time.

“His right arm has been paralyzed and at this moment, has limited use of his hands and legs. In addition, he’s dealing with respiratory issues that demand constant care. With skyrocketing medical bills, his health insurance has maxed out and he’s in desperate need of continuous physical therapy in order to get back on track.”

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The page has set a fundraising goal of $100,000, and at this point it has made just over $4,000. March, who has had success with his designs, runs a costume and accessory line for Target, but his involvement is unclear during this difficult time.

His friends’ plea for help on his behalf is incredibly endearing, as they continue to state on the fundraising page, “Every day Chris keeps getting stronger, but he’s got a long recovery road ahead. We are hoping to raise financial support for his medical bills and cover his expenses when he is released from the hospital. So please, give any amount-$1 , $5, $10 or more. A little from his friends will go a long way.”

Hopefully, March makes a speedier recovery with some assistance. Here’s wishing him a healthier 2018—we’re sure he’d “make it work,” if he had the choice.