War Is Coming! We Break Down ‘The 100’ Season 5 Trailer (VIDEO)

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Eliza Taylor as Clarke in The 100

Onekru, start your theories!

After what always feels like a way too long break, the new season of The CW‘s The 100 is finally on the horizon. With a little over a month left until the sci-fi standout’s April 24 return, we now have the Season 5 trailer, and it is is chock-full of what we love about this show.


Since our minds were reeling after watching the trailer, we had to go back and look at what executive producer Jason Rothenberg told us after last year’s finale for TV Guide Magazine’s big Comic-Con issue, and we found some solid info on the scenes included in this clip. Check out what Rothenberg told us:

Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Madi (Lola Flanery)
Left behind on Earth to make sure Bellamy’s team were able to get Becca’s ship into space, our heroine has been surviving on the Death Wave-ravaged planet for five years now, along with the kid we met in the finale.

“So they’ve been together, taking care of each other—mostly Clarke taking care of her—but both really emotionally taking care of each other for five years,” Rothenberg said. Of course, we know that if Clarke cares about Madi, she’ll probably die.

Oh, and based on what Raven says, it seems like we’re not looking at a six-year time jump.

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Murphy is HOT!
Did ya notice that Richard Harmon’s character has cleaned himself up while living in space? He also utters a line that hints at a more heroic version of the guy we first wanted to see hanged in Season 1.

“We’ve kind of been dimensionalizing him and [while] I won’t say redeeming him, he’s been maturing as a character, certainly, and as a man. And he’s a survivor,” Rothenberg told us. But let’s not forget what Clarke says at the end. There are no good guys.

Hello, Trouble
Rothenberg admitted that “there’s a few Easter eggs in Season 4” about that prisoner transport carrying Banshee‘s Ivana Milicevic (who was also Selina’s mom on Gotham). “We knew this was the Season 5 story for a while, so I planted a few little clues here and there.”

So go back and look for hints about a lost mining ship of prisoners in the Season 4 premiere and then again in episode 4o5. Among the rabble-rousers joining Milicevic’s military honcho Charmaine, the trailer offers first peeks at Jordan Bolger’s Zeke and William Miller’s hairtastic McCreary.

War is Coming
“The story really for [this year] is Clarke has found Eden,” previewed the EP, who even named the opener “Eden.” As we see in the clip, she has found the one survivable place and is not giving it up to anyone. Even the new arrivals. “We’re not talking about juvenile delinquents either,” continued Rothenberg, noting how the story has come “in many ways full circle.” Only this time, “it’s Clarke… who’s the Grounder. So it’s gonna be really cool, I think, to spin expectations like that.”

The Others Don’t Have It Great, Either
Clearly, life among the stars is not going great for Bellamy (Bob Morley), Emori (Luisa d’Oliviera) and that group, so fingers crossed they “aim for the one patch of green,” as Clarke radioed to them in the finale, sooner or later.

But we’re more concerned for what has been going on in the bunker. “Octavia and Kane and Abby and everybody who made it into the bunker haven’t emerged” when the show picks up, said Rothenberg. “There’s too much rubble in the wake of the Death Wave and they couldn’t get out. They’re trapped.” And after five or so years underground, it looks like things have deteriorated into some sort of underground fight club madhouse. “You know, it’s probably not pleasant.”

But hey, at least Octavia hasn’t lost any of her edge, and we’re all for more of Kane and Abby’s soulful glances in times of crisis.

The 100, season premiere, Tuesday April 24, 9/8c, The CW

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