‘Charmed’ Reboot: Madeleine Mantock Cast as Third Sister in The CW Series

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UPDATE (3/5/2018):

The Power of Three has been fulfilled. The CW has cast its third sister: Madeleine Mantock (Into the Badlands) will play Macy, the brilliant scientist with a witty sense of humor.

She’s dumbfounded when she finds out about the supernatural world and that her power is telekinesis.

UPDATE (3/1/2018):

The Charmed sisters’ guardian has been cast! Rupert Evans (Man in the High Castle) has landed the role of Harry, their Whitelighter. He’s described as a playboy, handsome, charming, and a professor.

As their Whitelighter, he helps the Power of Three understand their magical abilities, control their energy, and advises them on how to vanquish evil beings.

UPDATE (2/26/2018):

There’s only one sister spot left!

The CW announced it has cast the second sister in their upcoming Charmed reboot. Sarah Jeffery (Shades of Blue) will play Madison, who is the youngest of the three witch sisters. She’s in college and about to pledge a sorority, living a totally normal life when she learns about her power.

“Madison is the opposite of her feminist sister with a desire to fit in. Madison is horrified to learn she is a witch. Her power is hearing people’s thoughts,” the CW revealed.

Jeffery joins Melonie Diaz who will play Mel, the middle sister with the power to freeze time.

Stay tuned for more casting updates.

UPDATE (2/20/18):

It’s official, the first sister has been cast!

Fruitvale Station star Melonie Diaz will play Mel, one of three witches in the reboot of Charmed based on the late ’90s/early ’00s series of the same name.

Diaz’s character Mel is a strong-willed activist and a lesbian. After a devastating tragedy, Mel turns away from those who love her most, but will her sisters and girlfriend Detective Soo Jin be able help her? We can’t wait to find out.

Hopefully with this casting news, info on the other two witches/sisters will be revealed soon.

UPDATE (2/14/18):

The CW’s Charmed reboot adds another cast member to its roster: Ser’Darius Blain. The Jumani: Welcome To The Jungle actor is slated to play Galvin, Macy’s perfect filmmaker boyfriend who will follow her anywhere she goes. Galvin is sensitive, funny and good-natured.

Meanwhile, Macy is nerdy and has a Ph.D. in quantum physics. Her witchy power is telekinesis and she believes she’s sisters with Mel and Madison, who both also possess supernatural abilities.


Even though the news that The CW is rebooting Charmed has gotten mixed reviews online and slammed by the original cast members, the network is moving forward with casting the three new sisters, according to TVLine, and all ethnicities are being considered.

Charmed — Pictured (l-r): Holly Marie Combs as Piper Halliwell, Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell, Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews

Meet: Macy, Mel and Madison, your new trio of powerful witches.

As previously reported, the series is set “in a college town” and follows three sisters who “discover they are witches.” The show will be penned by Jane The Virgin writers Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin, and is being called “a fierce, funny, feminist reboot.”

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Casting is also underway for the sisters’ handsome advisor (a.k.a. “Whitelighter”) called Harry, Macy’s documentary filmmaker-boyfriend Galvin and Madison’s “sensitive loner” ex-beau Brian.

And, as teased in the show’s new synopsis, there’s an LGBTQ twist. Mel has a girlfriend!

Below are the character descriptions:

Macy: A witty, intense science nerd, Macy — who is in her late 20s — is a Ph.D. in quantum physics who’s moving with her boyfriend Galvin to Hilltowne, Michigan, to work in the university lab. Macy has reason to believe that she is the sister of Mel and Madison. Her power is telekinesis.

Mel: A strong-willed feminist, she feels deeply and is a bit controlling. Mel — who is in her mid 20s and a lesbian — is the sister of Madison. In the wake of a tragic accident, the grieving Mel becomes angry, defiantly unkempt, even violent, pushing away those who might help her, including her girlfriend, Detective Soo Jin. Mel’s power is time-freezing.

Madison: Mel’s younger sister (she’s 18-ish), an athletic (pilates, cheerleading) college student pledging a sorority, Madison is the opposite of her feminist sister with a desire to fit in. Madison is horrified to learn she is a witch. Her power is hearing people’s thoughts.

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