WATCH: Sterling K. Brown Hilariously Re-Creates ‘SNL’ Opening Title With Toys

Saturday Night Live - Season 43
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC
Sterling K. Brown prepares for his SNL hosting duties.

As Randall on This Is Us, we all know that Sterling K. Brown‘s talent is limitless, but he’s now using that talent in a very unexpected way as he preps for his Saturday Night Live hosting duties on March 10.

Usually when a star hosts SNL, they film a set of promos and teaser clips to get viewers excited, but Brown’s promo takes the cake—all the cakes, really.

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In the clip, Brown serves as narrator—and quite literally everything else—as he re-creates the show’s iconic opening title sequence. The scene features a cardboard city landscape, with toys and action figures serving as the cast—the music provided by a retro-looking boombox.

Yet the source of the music wasn’t the only thing booming, as Brown’s voice introduced the cast one-by-one, beginning with a Scooby-Doo Fred doll standing in as Beck Bennet following a Care Bare figurine as Aidy Bryant and so on.

For a look at the full promo, watch the video below, as the cast role call becomes increasingly funny.

Just as you begin to think seeing an Iron Man action figure with a bowler hat glued to its head standing in for James Bay is funny, then you’re in for a surprise when Brown flips the camera to himself and announces the wrong host. “And your host, Steve Martin,” he exclaims excitedly before correcting himself. “Crap—Sterling K. Brown!”

If this promo is any indication for what fans can look forward to this Saturday, then count us in.

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