The New 'Roseanne' Trailer Tackles Dan's Sudden Reappearance (VIDEO)

Meaghan Darwish
ABC/Robert Trachtenberg

By now, you probably know that Roseanne is returning to the small screen after over 20 years. What you might not know is how John Goodman will be present in the reboot.

In the 1997 original series finale, it was revealed that Goodman's character Dan Conner had been dead for some time. Any moments with her husband from his death forward had apparently been imagined by Roseanne.

'Roseanne': A Mellower Roseanne in Sitcom Revival?

'Roseanne': A Mellower Roseanne in Sitcom Revival?

The outspoken star had much to say about politics and how the show reflects them in the new season.

Flash forward to 2018, and Dan is alive and well! In the new trailer, which shows the cast at a table read, viewers get a hint as to how the writers might address that storyline.

"Dan!" Rosanne remarks.

"What?!" Goodman's Dan returns.

"I thought you were dead!" she exclaims.

Cue the laughter.

For your convenience, we've added the trailer below so you can run your own analysis. Plus, prepare for an extra dose of nostalgia you didn't know you needed until now.

So Dan is just alive? The first episode will address the matter of the Conner patriarch's mortality. However, we are curious to see how far they'll go to explain his reappearance. Of course, fans accepted that he'd long been dead, so it wouldn't be surprising if they are willing to accept this new development.

WATCH: 'Roseanne' Revival Promo Pokes Fun at John Goodman's Return

WATCH: 'Roseanne' Revival Promo Pokes Fun at John Goodman's Return

Goodman's character Dan Conner died in the original series' finale.

Viewers can also get a closer look when the Roseanne 20/20 special airs this week on ABC, so stay tuned because there's plenty of '90s goodness heading your way.

Roseanne: The Return 20/20 SpecialAirs, Thursday, Feb. 15, ABC

Roseanne, Premieres, Tuesday, March 27, ABC