WATCH: Pop Forms a Nasty ‘Clique’

Pop Network

It’s Gossip Girl Goes to London and we are XOXO’ing over this business!

The Pop network has just announced their plans to air Clique, a BBC co-production “about university students who get caught up in a dark mystery” said Pop president Brad Schwartz before running the official trailer.

Part GG, part Pretty Little Liars and British AF (it’s from the creators of the original Skins), the release explains that Clique “brings childhood soulmates Georgia (Aisling Franciosi, The Fall) and Holly (Synnove Karlsen) to a university, where a few weeks into the so-called best years of their lives, Georgia gets drawn into an elite clique of alpha girls, led by mysterious professor Jude Monroe (Louise Brealey, Sherlock). ”

Watch the trailer below:

Two seasons have already been ordered (one which has already aired abroad) and Pop’s plan is to to air them back-to-back this summer.