Roush Review: Matt Czuchry Is Unconventional as ‘The Resident’

The Resident - Matt Czuchry
Guy D'Alema/FOX
THE RESIDENT: Matt Czuchry in the "Independence Day" time period premiere episode of THE RESIDENT

Earlier this season, America enthusiastically embraced an appealing Good Doctor. Will they do the same for one who’s merely rude?

Matt Czuchry’s considerable charisma, which served him well on Gilmore Girls and The Good Wife, isn’t entirely extinguished by the arrogant and self-righteous vibes generated by his new persona: cocky yet talented third-year hospital resident Conrad Hawkins, a rule breaker who informs an earnest new intern (Manish Dayal) on his first day, “Everything you thought you knew about medicine is wrong.”

Conrad is forever locking horns with the loathsome chief of surgery (Bruce Greenwood), who has dangerously lost his touch and not only refuses to admit it but also makes others cover up for him.

Not Conrad. And not nurse practitioner Nic (Revenge’s Emily VanCamp), who helpfully spews statistics such as medical error being the third leading cause of death.

The conflict between doctors, which reminded me of the great 2004 BBC drama Bodies, could make for potent medical drama. But first, Conrad and his allies are going to have to come down off their soapbox.

The Resident, Series Premiere, Sunday, Jan. 21, 9/8c, Fox