Pizza Hut’s New Self-Driving Delivery Van Has ‘Black Mirror’ Fans Freaking Out

Black Mirror
Arnaldur Halidorsson / Netflix
Black Mirror

[Spoiler Alert! Do not read if you haven’t seen Black Mirror Season 4’s “Crocodile” episode.]

Life imitates art, right? But what about when that art is the futuristic, twisted, and bizarre of Black Mirror?

On January 8, Pizza Hut released the first image of their new pizza delivery van. The vehicle was developed with Toyota and the companies plan to debut it in 2020.

Pizza Hut tweeted, “Introducing the first Pizza Hut fully autonomous delivery concept vehicle. Excited for our future with Toyota.”

If that seems innocuous, think again. Eagle-eyed Black Mirror fans were quick to spot the eerie similarity between this design and the fictional vehicle from Season 4’s “Crocodile.”

In the episode, a young mother named Mia kills an old acquaintance in a hotel room. At the same moment, on the street, a man is struck down by—you guessed it—a self-driving pizza delivery truck! When the curious insurance agent comes to figure out what went wrong, she and Mia connect and a series of terrible and brutal events are set into motion.

Though Pizza Hut seemed to miss the boat, the parallel was not lost on the Netflix show and its social media page. The Black Mirror Twitter account wrote:

Of course, fans were freaked out, to say the least: