What’s Streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime? ‘Black Mirror’, ‘The Last Post’, and More

Black Mirror, streaming
Black Mirror, streaming


Black Mirror
Season Premiere, Season 4, Friday, Dec. 29 The British sci-fi anthology delivers six more episodes of eye-popping, genre-hopping genius that include a romance, a police procedural and a haunted-house story. The Star Trek spoof, “USS Callister,” stars Jesse Plemons as an alternative Captain Kirk and definitely isn’t your dad’s version of a Star Trek parody.

Season Premiere, Season 2, Tuesday, Dec. 26 What’ll be the bigger threat to FBI boss Grant MacLaren (Eric McCormack) and his team of time-jumpers in Season 2: creepy new traveler Vincent Ingram (Enrico Colantoni) or the deadly virus Faction? Wait, what if the two are connected? If only there were someone with the ability to traverse time to find out.

Bill Nye Saves the World
Season Premiere, Season 2, Friday, Dec. 29 A brainiac so nice, he saves the world twice! Nye explores more of the scientific issues that affect us most (think: sleep regulation, internet security, medical marijuana). And just like last year’s episodes, he gets help from friends, including Tim Meadows, Karlie Kloss and Drew Carey. He also debuts a new segment called #BillMeetsScienceTwitter, in which he chats with scientists who reached out to him through the social media site.

Dave Chappelle: Equanimity
Stand-up Premiere, Sunday, Dec. 31 The comic’s last two Netflix gigs, released in March as Dave Chappelle: Collection 1, are the network’s most popular stand-up specials. So the heat is on for his latest, which includes jokes he perfected while on tour and during secret gigs he did in 2017.

Cable Girls
Season Premiere, Season 2, Monday, Dec. 25 The telecommunication company’s new management in Madrid isn’t good for any of the girls, but it’s particular bad for Lidia (Blanca Suárez,), who’s also dealing with fallout from her romances. Yes, romances.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
Seasons 1–9, Thursday, Jan. 5 Jerry Seinfeld’s mobile chat show (in which he interviews fellow comics in classic cars and coffee shops) officially moves from Crackle to Netflix when Season 10 premieres later in 2018. But the earlier episodes are here. Don’t miss: Tina Fey testing a wheat puff milkshake, Trevor Noah recalling his childhood under apartheid, Barack Obama giving a private tour of the White House and Seinfeld and Chris Rock getting pulled over for speeding in the Jersey suburbs.


Dickens Marathon
Available now Please, sir, let’s have some more! When you can no longer stand A Christmas Carol, help yourself to some other Dickens classics, like David Copperfield, featuring a young Daniel Radcliffe as David; Bleak House, with our cover star Gillian Anderson as Lady Dedlock; and Oliver Twist, with Tom Hardy as Bill Sikes.


Series Premiere, Available now This French show’s hero, Gabriel (Bruno Solo), isn’t buying that his wife died while driving drunk, especially since she didn’t drink. The problem: Only one cop (Charlotte Talpaert) believes him.


Pete the Cat: A Groovy New Year Holiday Special
Special Premiere, Tuesday, Dec. 26 If you consider yourself a hipster parent, and you’ve not gotten your little monster a Pete the Cat book, doll or T-shirt, then take a long look in the mirror—you are not as groovy as you thought you were. But it’s never too late to change—and you can start with this special. Bright blue Pete is primed to party away 2017 with his friends and family but can’t seem to come up with an adequate New Year’s resolution. Our solution: Resolve to have no resolutions!

The 2018 Rose Parade Hosted by Cord & Tish
Special Premiere Monday, Jan. 1 Former Saturday Night Live stars Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon mock holiday parade coverage as peppy hosts Cord Hosenbeck, a health and fitness expert, and Tish Cattigan, a former Miss America runner-up with two episodes of L.A. Law on her IMDb bio.

The Last Post
Available now You know the death of the British Empire that they keep talking about on The Crown? This is the story of the men who had their boots on the ground during it in mid-1960s Yemen. Apparently they dragged their families with them to the desert (you know, for the fun). But no matter which side of the cause you’re on, their lives make for good drama.


Star Trek: Discovery
Midseason Premiere, Season 1, Part 2, Sunday, Jan. 7 Don’t act like you weren’t as shocked as we were when the war between Starfleet and the Klingon Empire wrapped up in the midseason finale. Who knew that peace could be the big surprise twist? But what happens next? Will Lorca (Jason Isaacs) and his crew continue searching for undiscovered life forms? Will they make a new archenemy in the process? Also, be forewarned: The episodes don’t start streaming until after 8:30pm, so no Trek-fast in bed.



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