WATCH: Kate Catches Jen Gossiping About Her on ‘Below Deck’

Below Deck - Season 5
Virginia Sherwood/Bravo
BELOW DECK -- Pictured: (l-r) Kate Chastain, Brianna Adekeye, Jen Howell

Talk about heat in a kitchen! Stewardess Jen Howell is really testing Chief Steward Kate Chastain’s nerves on the next episode of Below Deck.

Kate asks Jen to make some fresh orange juice for the charter guests but Jen can’t seem to get the juice machine working. Instead, she abandons her task and goes looking for clean tea towels much to Kate’s annoyance.

“I don’t give a f**k if Kate’s made at me. I’ve been mad at her plenty of times,” Jen says in her confession. “I’m here. I’m working. And I’m not going to give her any reason to fire me nor will I quit.”

Watch the exclusive clip below:

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