‘Supernatural’: Will Lucifer Make a Deal With the Winchesters to Save Jack?

Supernatural - Mark Pellegrino
Jack Rowand/The CW
Pictured: Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer

Mark Pellegrino, Supernatural fans’ favorite Lucifer, is back in a big way this season. But this time he’s not in a hell of his choosing.

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) mum, Mary (Samantha Smith), forced him through the tear in the earth into the alternate world. He pulled her through with him and they’re stuck together in an apocalyptic landscape littered with the corpses of the warring angels and demons and the few remaining humans.

Pellegrino talks about what happens in the October 19 episode and teases the rest of the show’s 13th season.

What’s keeping Lucifer from killing Mama Winchester?
Her sons have something he needs—his son Jack (Alexander Calvert). I have something they need—Mary—and I think that we can make a deal with each other.

Does that mean Lucifer will have to protect Mary, which is against your nature.
He will to great effect. I hope she’s grateful for that that, but I doubt she will be.

Speaking of nature and nurture and gratitude, Sam and Dean—against his natural instincts—are protecting Jack from demons and angels? Will Lucifer be grateful to them?
Well, the story is going to take an interesting turn. There’s a character that appears in the second episode that changes everything. His power and his ambition will throw a kink in everybody’s plans. He could change the relationship dynamics of the entire show!

Wow! Who is that?
The new and improved archangel Michael (Christian Keys), who throws off whatever plans Lucifer had, whatever plans the boys have. If God didn’t exist, or Chuck took a bus out of town, the person who would become the mayor of that town is Michael. He’s more powerful than his brother Lucifer.

How is Lucifer perceived in alt-world?
He does not exist!  Because in this world, Lucifer was born apart in the skies over Abilene by Michael. That’s a real thorn in the side of the real Lucifer. It’s quite an annoyance to a guy that takes pride in his stature. He’ll have to prove himself, which may end up biting him in the butt.

We can expect more pain and humiliation for the great Lucifer?
There will be, but there’s also going to be vulnerability inside Lucifer that we haven’t seen before. Still, his will is indomitable, regardless of how vulnerable he gets. What I like about him so much is his stubbornness and defiance. No matter what situation Lucifer finds himself in, he’s going to say, “Eat me. You’re never beating me.”

Sounds like Dean, doesn’t it?
They’re very much alike. I don’t know how that’s going to play out down the line, but we’re definitely spiritual kin.

Does Lucifer love Jack? Can he admire his son?
He admires cleverness and intelligence and courage. Any time he talks about Jack, he does it with pride and curiosity. He revels in his strength, partly, because it’s a reflection on himself and partly because it’s just sort of awesome that this being is in the world now and capable of so much.

Is Jack, who’s a Nephilim, the son of Lucifer and a human woman, as strong as Lucifer?
Yeah, he’s almost as strong as God. His power is a potential we may not even know.

Back in the real world, the new chief of the underworld is the charismatic and chilling Asmodeus (Jeffrey Vince Parise), the last surviving Prince of Hell. He wants to rule the world with the uber powerful Jack. How does that differ from what his daddy Lucifer wants?
To me, Asmodeus is a tyrant. He just wants power, and I feel like Lucifer is a revolutionary who wants change. Lucifer’s conflict with Asmodeus happened in hell where he tried to raise a rebellion to take over like any aspiring tyrant and my character had to put him in his place. and maybe I’m painting Lucifer with a romantic brush but I like to think, “He just wants to burn things down so he can create new things!” Asmodeus, on the other hand, just wants to rule. That’s a substantial difference between the two, and that’s going to lead to one hell of a conflict.

He wants to free some ancient beings that were too “primal” and  god-awful for the gen pop in Hell.
When Lucifer confines them to a particular place in Hell, it’s got to be bad! That alone shows a distinction in Lucifer and Asmodeus’s ethical stature, right?

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