‘The Exorcist’ Preview: Tomas Is Haunted By a Nightmare (VIDEO)

Sergei Bachlakov/FOX
Alfonso Herrera in the "Unclean" episode of The Exorcist

Get your “Sexorcist” fanfic ready, kids. Because Friday the 13th is bringing another killer episode of The Exorcist, and in this one, Father Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) does indeed wake up next to Marcus (Ben Daniels).

Unfortunately, this is not the scenario some would hope for and honestly, there’s no time for anyone on the show to be getting sweaty over anything other than running demons back to Hell. Especially now that one—at least we think it’s only one!—has targeted Andy (John Cho) and his foster kids on that remote Seattle island.

And while the arrival of two holy-ish men ready to face down the evil force should bring with it a level of solace, the fact that Tomas is being haunted by something nefarious in his dreams has us slightly concerned.

Take a look at this exclusive clip from the hour and you’ll see why!

Thankfully, this episode also introduces a new ally in the looming supernatural battle when Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) meets up with a church operative (Zuleikha Matthews of Still Star-Crossed), who could be the key in helping all of them.

The Exorcist, Fridays, 9:01/8:01c, Fox