‘Empire’ Hooks Up with Pepsi

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Empire hooks up with Pepsi

On the Dec. 2 midseason finale, Jamal Lyon, according to Variety, “will nab an all-important commercial endorsement from Pepsi, which in turn will use one of his songs as part of a new ad campaign. As characters on the show prepare to take a gander at Lyon’s new commercial, the show will break for one: a 60-second spot from Pepsi featuring the character and the song.” Empire co-creator Lee Daniels will direct the Pepsi ad. PLUS: Empire ratings tick up.

Transparent unveils its Season 2 trailer

The Pfeffermans are back in the full trailer for the acclaimed Amazon series’ second season.

Charlie Sheen is shopping a memoir

In the wake of Sheen’s HIV admission, his manager is meeting with publishers about a potential book on Sheen’s entertainment career, his trouble with drugs and women, and his HIV diagnosis.

South Park mocks ad blocking and sponsored content

“You can try to block ads, but they get smarter,” a Geico rep said in last night’s episode. “The more we try to shut them out, the more clever they get.”

Conan O’Brien: Encountering Syrian refugee fans during my Armenia trip was a highlight of my career

Conan recalls meeting the refugees in Yerevan, Armenia. “I go outside — they’re all Syrian refugees,” he said in an interview with the podcast The Frame. “There were about seven or eight teenagers. They fled to Armenia and took shelter there a couple of years ago when things really got rough. It’s heartbreaking. They could not be smarter, funnier, nicer, sharper. They know the show from YouTube. They were citing certain bits.”

Sarah Palin devoted a chapter in her new book to Louis CK

The former VP candidate, who received an apology from the comedian at SNL 40, wrote on Facebook: “Maybe a bit of the, um, ‘uniqueness’ of #SweetFreedom featuring a guy like Louis C.K. in a devotion can illustrate the surprise encounters I believe are orchestrated for us that can lead to a connection for others’ edification.”

Justin Theroux: I wasn’t given a heads-up on this week’s Leftovers twist

“I knew it was going to happen when I read that script,” he says.

Harry Hamlin joins Epix’s Graves

He’ll play a billionaire who once dated President Nick Nolte’s wife, as played by Sela Ward.

Dennis Quaid plays a Donald Trump-like character on Crackle’s first drama series

The entire first season of Quaid’s The Art of More drops today.

Stephen Colbert is outraged by President Obama’s Game of Thrones ignorance

“You know nothing, Barack Obama!” PLUS: James Taylor sings Fire and Rain and Calzones with Colbert.

Check out Ben Carson as The Bachelor

Jimmy Kimmel created a special promo for the Republican presidential candidate.

Trainspotting author is turning to TV with Miami Hype comedy for TBS

Irvine Welsh, whose novel became the hit 1996 movie, will write and produce the comedy set in Miami’s art scene.