‘How to Get Away With Murder’: What to Do With a Deadly Weapon?

How to Get Away With Murder Annalise at desk
Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Who shot Annalise? Chances are good we’ll find out in tonight’s How to Get Away With Murder midseason finale—but that’s not the only mystery that needs solving. There’s also the question of the final scenes from last week’s episode, in which we learned Catherine and Philip might be in cahoots and Caleb might have found the gun used to kill his parents hidden in a heating grate.

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The aftermath of Caleb revealing the murder weapon to Michaela plays out in this scene from tonight’s episode, as the duo faces Annalise’s wrath and the whole group decides what to do now that the evidence is in their possession:

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Clearly, there’s still plenty to unravel before the Shondaland series goes on a break for the holidays.

How to Get Away With Murder, midseason finale Thursday, Nov. 19, 10/9c, ABC

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