Anthony Michael Hall Controls a Cult on ‘Z Nation’ (VIDEO)

In this Friday’s episode of Z Nation, our Heroes are trapped in a hotel with white collar survivors who have remained there since the start of the apocalypse, in a cult-like group led by Gideon (Anthony Michael Hall).

However, it can’t all be trust falls and corporate politics when the end of the world is going on outside, and someone tries to shoot our favorite half -Z, Murphy (Keith Allan), and then goes on a tiny killing spree. While you may immediately want to blame 10K (Nat Zang), one of the locals Iggy (Justin Shenkarow) is the first to be accused by Gideon & co.

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“Everyone is trapped in a claustrophobic fortified hotel surrounded by zombies, while an unknown killer among the survivors is killing other survivors Ten Little Indians-style,” says showrunner Karl Schaefer. “The only witness to the shooting is another shooting victim kept alive long enough, with Murphy’s blood, to identify his killer.”

This leads to the group playing their own version of Clue. Schaefer adds, “It’s a classic ‘locked-door mystery,’ where everybody is a suspect at some point.”

Check out the exclusive video above to see the mystery unfold.

Z Nation airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.