‘The Royals’: William Moseley Talks Revenge, Redemption and Romance

The Royals - Liam

The palace doors will be open to the public once more as The Royals begins its second season on E! this Sunday. However, the second season will be bringing with it a change in the show’s tone.

“We have the sex, drugs, glam of last season, and we actually take it to another level, but there’s also a depth to this season that we haven’t visited before,” explains William Moseley, who plays former crown prince Liam on the royal drama.

Moseley took time to talk to us about the royal family’s grief, Liam’s new mission and why he won’t be looking for love any time soon. Here’s what he shared about the second season storylines.

Liam is now a man on a very focused mission. Following the death of his father—and after being declared illegitimate—Moseley says that Liam will be in “action mode” and determined to find out who killed his dad. “That’s the main agenda of the season. Liam steps forth on this path of revenge or redemption.” In fact, this will result in an unlikely friendship for the former crown prince: Jasper (Tom Austen), his sister’s former bodyguard. “Jasper sees something in Liam that’s a little bit different, so [he becomes] Liam’s buddy-in-arms. Jasper is really the only one he leans on.”

Attempts to take a paternity test won’t be successful. “Liam does try [to prove his legitimacy], but it’s a futile case,” explains Moseley. “Sadly, there are some people behind the scenes keeping everything at bay, so Liam can’t find out what happened to their paternity test.”

Eleanor, his twin, will return to her not-so-old hard-partying ways. “Eleanor [Alexandra Park] and Liam deal with the grief of their father’s death in two different ways,” says Moseley, of how his television twin is coping. “She goes out and gets drunk and does drugs and hooks up with any guy that will come across her path.” As a result, Eleanor won’t be helping Liam and Jasper investigate the King’s death. However, she will find a new love in her life and Moseley says that Liam is happy for her—even if their relationship is a little distant. “He doesn’t want her to be in the firing line. Sometimes digging deep can reveal stuff about the past that could be potentially dangerous. So he’s quite happy for her to deal with her grief in her way.”

Simon’s death won’t bring Helena and the twins closer. Instead, their relationship is very strained. “There’s a sense that their mother might have had something to do with it,” explains Moseley. “They’re very suspicious of her. Helena [Elizabeth Hurley] was also one of the reasons they were claimed illegitimate and Liam was not able to ascend the throne, so there’s a real distrust within the monarchy.” Making things worse is Uncle Cyrus (Jake Maskall) and Helena’s new partnership. “It feels like [they] are joining teams against Liam and Eleanor.”

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Liam and Eleanor won’t be the only ones who hate their Uncle Cyrus on the throne. “Cyrus isn’t doing himself any favors,” says Moseley of his TV uncle. But luckily, it results in Liam taking some royal responsibility. “He tries to step up and reassure the people that his father’s memory will last and that the monarchy will eventually come through this hard time.” Moseley says that feeling the pressure of that moment didn’t require much acting, as he really had to give a four-minute long speech in front of three hundred extras. “We shot in a public place. It couldn’t have felt more real, to reassure the people that the monarchy will redeem themselves.”

But Liam is in no rush to be crowned king. Despite Liam’s ability to sing a rousing rendition of the Lion King classic, he won’t have any designs for the throne. “He’s quite happy that he can be anonymous with his agenda and that he’s not followed by Cyrus.” In fact, Moseley himself is glad that Liam won’t be ascending to the throne any time soon—with good reason. “It seems whoever ends up being king is either dethroned—or murdered.”

The Queen’s connection to the mysterious organization that gave him the medallion will still remain a secret. However, he does suspect that Helena was involved in Simon’s death. “The fact that his mother hasn’t talked to him about it at all is probably a good inclination that she probably does have something to do with it,” shares Moseley about Liam’s thought process during his private investigation. “He wants to keep everything close to his chest, literally, with the medallion. He doesn’t want to reveal too much, so he tries to find out what the domino symbol means.”

The long-distance relationship with Ophelia will have grown cold. On the topic of Liam and Ophelia’s (Merritt Patterson) relationship, Moseley revealed the two characters haven’t spoken to each other since the would-be king dropped his lady love off in New York at the end of last season. “She felt that he betrayed her and [that] he’s one of the reasons she got into dance school, so she basically won’t pick up the phone to take his calls. She won’t contact him in any way.” But, he adds, “There might be a chance that Liam tries to pursue her in New York.”

But don’t expect Liam to make love a priority. “He doesn’t really have a love interest this season,” says Moseley. “He’s quite a lonely soul. He doesn’t make a move toward any romantic relationship. He flirts here and there, but there’s nothing on his mind other than finding his father’s killer.”

The Royals, Season premiere, Sunday, Nov. 15, 10/9c, E!