What’s Worth Watching: ‘Indian Summers’ on PBS for Sunday, November 15

Indian Summer, Cynthia Coffin and Ralph Whelan, Part 8
Shown from left to right: Julie Walters as Cynthia Coffin and Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Ralph Whelan - MASTERPIECE "Indian Summers: Part 8"

Indian Summers, “Episode 8,” Sunday, Nov. 15, 9/8c, PBS (check local listings on pbs.org)

Passions run very high in the next-to-last installment of the excellent Masterpiece drama Indian Summers, with the murder trial—call it kangaroo court if you will—of Ramu Sood (Alyy Khan) bringing together most of the major players in the resort town of Simla. This is courtroom drama at its most explosive, as reputations are savaged, relationships threatened and loyalties reaffirmed, with the season’s key reveal (the identity of little Adam’s father) always hovering as the skeleton that could tear apart the outpost’s fragile social fabric.

If you’ve drifted from Summers amid the fall onslaught of options, especially on Sundays, this is a splendid excuse to get caught up before next week’s two-hour finale.