6 Reasons to Get Excited About ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Second Season Stories

Star Wars Rebels Darth Vader
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Star Wars Rebels Darth Vader

Star Wars Rebels has resumed it’s second season, and last week we teased the six things to expect this season. Now, with the Ghost crew back in action once more, we spoke again to executive producer Dave Filoni about some story and character arcs coming up later. Super fans of the series will definitely want to tune in for other details that Filoni spilled below.

Kanan will grapple with what it means to be a teacher—and with some terrible memories.
Kanan may have agreed to become Ezra’s teacher in Season 1, but Kanan doesn’t know what kind of teacher he’ll be—or what it means to be a Jedi in this time period. “He never finished his training as a Jedi from the temple. So he’s kind of making it up as he goes now,” says Filoni. And if it couldn’t get more challenging for him, Kanan’s brush with Vader and the power of the Dark Side will bring up some tough memories for him. “Seeing the Rebellion militarized and all of these people and equipment, it starts to remind him of a war he already fought… And lost,” Filoni revealed.

Kanan and Hera’s relationship won’t move forward too much.
Instead, Hera will be focusing on her responsibility to a much bigger galactic movement. “We get into it this year, with her conviction to this cause,” says Filoni, adding that it will come up in her relationship with her father—Clone Wars’ Cham Syndulla—and Kanan. “You can tell she cares about [Kanan]. But in this moment, is that what’s really on her mind?” As for the other half of that “space relationship,” Filoni says that “Kanan would actually be the one leaning in,” as he’s a very flawed Jedi. “That’s not to say that Jedi can’t love people and care deeply about them. He just can’t try to possess her or make her destiny for her. He has to love her enough to let her go and be her own person—which is a lot better.”

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Ezra will face some family drama but also find support.
The young Jedi-in-training will finally discover what happened to his parents. “He’s going to get even more angry,” says voice actor Taylor Gray of Ezra’s feelings. “He’s a fearless dude, but it’s the one thing that can hurt him.” Luckily for Ezra, he finds someone who can guide him in pursuing the truth about what happened. “No one in the Rebel crew knows what happened. So he finds someone who actually helps uncover it,” adds Gray, who says that the storyline won’t be left open ended.

Some of Zeb’s history will be revealed.
“[Zeb] is very challenged this year as far as the conflict he has with Kallus” says Filoni of the Lasat rebel’s feelings towards the Imperial Agent (voiced by David Oyelowo) who helped wipe out his people. “We get into a bit more depth of how [Zeb] feels about that. [They’ll] come into direct confrontation this season.”

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The Fifth Brother will be a very different kind of villain.
“He’s a character of strength,” says Filoni of the male Inquisitor. “[He’s] not as cunning and opportunistic as the female Inquisitor. He just helps show that there’s a variety of enemies.”

Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex won’t be the only Clone Wars characters making an appearance.
Clone Wars’ Hondo Ohnaka and Cham Syndulla will also be featured this season, bringing out different sides in both Ezra and Hera, respectively. “Hondo and Ezra are cut from a similar cloth,” says Gray, of the characters’ similar attitudes. “Hondo is closer to Ezra than anyone in the crew and he actually shows up multiple times and helps Ezra become more confident in who he is. They have fun little outings. ” In fact, the connections between Clone Wars and Rebels characters is a result of fans watching Star Wars to see the characters they love. “There’s a whole generation that love the characters of Clone Wars, so I’ve tried to follow through on keeping that alive a bit,” shared Filoni. “Some of them took the ending of the series hard, and I think it’s nice for them to see their old friends back and alive still.”

Star Wars Rebels airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on Disney XD.