The 5 Things ‘Containment’ Exposed at New York Comic Con

Containment - Claudia Black as Dr. Sabine Lommers and David Gyasi as Major Lex Carnhan
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On Saturday, The CW screened the pilot of their newest drama, Containment, at New York Comic Con. The upcoming show’s stars David Gyasi (Lex), Claudia Black (Dr. Lommers), Hanna Mangan Lawrence (Teresa), Chris Wood (Jake) and executive producer Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals) were also on hand to chat about their series.

Here’s what we learned about the Atlanta-based apocalyptic show (nope, we’re not talking about The Walking Dead) and the cast.

  1. Expect a mix of different genres. Plec shared, “You get both the experience of watching a horror movie and a character-driven drama at the same time.”
  2. You won’t see too many riot scenes. The pilot episode, in which we see the beginning moments of the breakout from patient zero, is quite intense, and that level of intensity remains, but in a different way. “We’re not having rioting in the streets every episode, but there’s a level of tension,” Plec promises.
  3. Romances will be more restrained. While Plec’s shows are usually very steamy, romances on Containment will be more, well… contained. Wood discussed the difficulty that will arise when his character Jake’s romantic tension eventually builds with teacher Katie (Kristen Gutoskie). “They can’t touch. You can’t. It’s too dangerous. It’s a very unusual love story,” he revealed. Meanwhile, Plec compared the burgeoning romance to the days of Jane Austen.
  4. Surviving the apocalypse means having a plan in place now. Plec also has a survival plan for the apocalypse. It involves a large vehicle, and only the closest friends who she says won’t “drag me down.” On that note, Lawrence also laid out her simple survival plan: “I would be under my bed.”
  5. The show will definitely air sooner than later. We already knew Containment was a midseason show, but in the final moments of the panel, an announcement was made that the fast-paced drama has a confirmed premiere set in 2016.

Catch Containment in 2016 on The CW.

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