What Will Happen to Your Favorite ‘The Walking Dead’ Characters? (PHOTOS)

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Fighting the Undead

Big changes are happening in Season 6 of The Walking Dead: Fan-favorite Morgan (Lennie James) returns, the survivors find themselves trying to adjust to life in Alexandria and mysterious scavengers known as Wolves are on the prowl. In advance of the season premiere, we asked some of the cast to share what's coming up for their characters.
The Walking Dead
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Rick (Andrew Lincoln)

"[Rick's] concerns are purely the safety of his people. I think there will be differing opinions on Rick's mental stability depending on who you are. It's very easy just to call him crazy."

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Lennie James as Morgan - The Walking Dead - Season 6, Episode 1
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Morgan (Lennie James)

“Morgan’s concern and the first thing he’s going to have to deal with before he even begins to contemplate where his role is is whether or not he can exist around other people. Whether or not he can be the man that he’s now trying to be in the company of others.”

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Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon With Crossbow
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Daryl (Norman Reedus)

"[Daryl's] put in a circumstance where he has to make a choice between what he knows he has to do to keep this threat away and what he wants to do. He has this sort of lone, Pied Piper thing going on."

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Maggie (Lauren Cohan)

"Maggie and Glenn are just really coming into their absolute strongest as leaders, partners and as people who are passionate about making this community good for everybody. They have these strengths from being on the road that the rest of Alexandria doesn't have."

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Abraham (Michael Cudlitz)

"He definitely has a place now, but we're in a place that has a lot of quiet time. It's the first time that he's been in a situation that is potentially safe, so I'm curious to see how a soldier deals with that downtime. It's the closest equivalent you have to returning from war."

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Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green)

"We see her starting a journey towards a Sasha that we have never seen before. She was always a very tough person, but it was always a defense mechanism. It was all just to keep herself from being penetrated so she wouldn't be hurt. After losing Bob and Tyreese, she has decided that she's changing and is going to live differently."

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