Charley and Lorna’s Relationship Is Tested on ‘Queen Sugar’

Queen Sugar
Queen Sugar

Heeere’s Mommy! When Queen Sugar returns from its break, the media is having a field day with the news that struggling mill owner Charley Bordelon (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) and basketball star Davis West (Timon Kyle Durrett) are officially divorced.

Even Gayle King (in a cameo) is yakking about their split on CBS This Morning. And that’s a cue for Charley’s snooty, long-absent mother, Lorna Prescott (NYPD Blue alum Sharon Lawrence), to suddenly show up.

“Lorna is a white woman who chose to raise and educate her biracial daughter in a progressive part of the country,” Lawrence says. “She gave Charley the best education, the best pedigree, the best shot in life.” Now Lorna is horrified that Charley, who used to be a hotshot sports manager negotiating jillion-dollar contracts, has gone back to her roots in Louisiana to run the family’s sugarcane business.

“Lorna feels like the ‘other’ in this world of African-Americans and distanced herself from Charley because it was emotionally easier to be unavailable,” Lawrence says. “Things are about to get very deep and very messy.”

Check out this recent Facebook Live with the case of Queen Sugar:

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