CBS Developing a Grown-Up Nancy Drew Series

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CBS developing a grown-up Nancy Drew series

The iconic sleuth will get a grown-up makeover with the help of former Grey’s Anatomy writers. Here’s the pitch: “A contemporary take on the character from the iconic book series. Now in her 30s, Nancy is a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.”

Why The Affair showed full-frontal male nudity

Creator Sarah Treem explains that “there’s new genitalia you have to contend with and it can sometimes throw you.”

Julianna Margulies insists there was no Good Wife feud; Archie Panjabi disagrees

Margulies cried sexism when asked about her differences with Panjabi. But Panjabi let it be known, via Twitter, that Margulies was wrong.

Dancing’s Alek Skarlatos honors those affected by Oregon mass shooting

“It’s honestly the strangest emotion I ever felt,” he said on Dancing with the Stars. “Even the train made more sense than this does. … There’s nothing you can do.”

Watch HBO’s Vinyl trailer, featuring every Martin Scorsese-ism

The drama that Scorsese is producing with Mick Jagger will look very familiar to anybody who’s watched a Scorsese film.

Marc Maron interviews Lorne Michaels, who once turned him down for Weekend Update

The SNL honcho has been an obsession for Maron, especially since he’s repeatedly recalled auditioning for Michaels for the Weekend Update job in the late ’90s.

House of Lies books Ken Marino and Wanda Sykes

Marino will romance Kristen Bell as part of a Veronica Mars reunion.

Homeland and The Affair return with higher ratings

They were up 3% and 30%, respectively, over last year’s premieres.

Fox is working on a couples dance competition

The competition will train real-life couples in dancing, and then have them face each other until one couple is crowned the winner.

Coming to NBC: Letters To Beyonce

The proposed comedy from My Name is Earl creator Greg Garcia follows a down-on-her-luck school teacher who finds inspiration from Beyonce.

Study: Watching high-quality TV can make you a better person

A newly published psychological study found that good TV (shows like Mad Men and The West Wing) can increase your emotional intelligence and thus make you more empathetic.

Breaking Bad’s Kevin Rankin joins Lucifer

He’ll play a master manipulator detective on the Fox series.

Watch Sharon Stone in the trailer for Agent X

Stone’s new spy-centric TNT series debuts on Nov. 8.

Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo reunite

Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa had an impromptu Game of Thrones reunion at Paris Fashion Week.