Here’s How the ‘Inhumans’ Producers and IMAX Crafted the Marvel Series for the Big Screen

Marvel's Inhumans - Anson Mount as Black Bolt
Marvel's Inhumans' star Anson Mount

The first network show of the fall to debut is getting a massive launch. Starting on Friday, September 1 (with a late-night preview on Thursday, August 30), ABC’s Inhumans will have a limited run of a truncated version of the first two hours of the series at IMAX movie theaters. (An expanded version of the two-hour pilot will air on ABC on Friday, September 29.)

The latest series from Marvel television was crafted with this bigger-screen run in mind. “As with most of our projects, we’re hoping to have something that’s so big that it can’t be contained to a television screen,” Head of Marvel Television Jeph Loeb said in the video below.

“The way we designed the sets were all about scope and big, and the locations we scoured [were, too],” added pilot director Roel Reiné. And the working relationship with IMAX was collaborative. “I asked IMAX for even wider lenses, so they built a special lens for our show, so we could be even wider in the things we’ve done.”

Loeb, Reiné, and showrunner Scott Buck joined us at the TV Insider Studios at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 to discuss the show’s launch, and more.

Inhumans, Series Premiere, Friday, Sept. 29, 8/7c, ABC