First Look: Moon Bloodgood Joins the Medical Ranks of ‘Code Black’

CODE BLACK - Moon Bloodgood, Rob Lowe
Monty Brinton/CBS
Moon Bloodgood and Rob Lowe

Dr. Ethan Willis (Rob Lowe) will have a new adversary when CBS’s Code Black returns midseason—paramedic Roxanne “Rox” Valenzuela (Falling Skies’ Moon Bloodgood, above, with Lowe). “She’s kind of a badass who doesn’t believe in what Willis believes in, which is that there should be a doctor on every ambulance shift,” says executive producer Michael Seitzman. In the season premiere, Willis and Valenzuela put their differences on hold when “they arrive at the scene of a shoot-out between a wounded cop and drug dealers inside a drug den,” Seitzman explains. Of course, the danger zone could stir up some emotions for the duo. Seitzman teases: “When you put two beautiful people in an ambulance together all day, chances are they might want to touch at some point.”

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