‘Snowfall’ Previews the Crack Collision to Come for Season 2

Emily Rios in Snowfall
Michael Yarish/FX
Emily Rios

It may have been a slow burn on arrival, but crack has finally made an appearance in FX’s 1980s-set drama. As Snowfall heads toward next week’s jaw-dropping season ender, old-school powder cocaine still happens to be the moneymaker of choice for dealers Gustavo (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) and Lucia (Emily Rios, above), as well as CIA agent Teddy (Carter Hudson), who hopes to distribute the drug to fund anticommunist fighters in Latin America. But the young wannabe drug kingpin Franklin (Damson Idris) has discovered crack’s eminent value: It’s a cheap high, and users just can’t get enough.

“Each character will come face-to-face with how brutal their chosen paths will be,” says executive producer Dave Andron. “The final two episodes represent them all coming to a kind of point of no return and figuring how they’ll cross it. But then next season,” Andron previews, “their interests, whether for better or worse, will collide over crack.”

Snowfall, Wednesdays, 10/9C, FX